Comic Book Trade Night

Join us on the last month of the month for Comic Book Trade Night. We will be closed to the general public, and we will be open strictly for Comic Book Trade Night. Bring in pieces of your collection and trade within your community to complete your collection.

Our comic book expert Cedric will be present for any questions, advice or just a good conversation! Cedric will also be doing appointments for CGC Submissions! To claim your appointment, please reach out to him via email at cjohnson@ironlioncollectibles.


We will have fill the night with awesome raffles, trivia and silent auctions! Any questions? Please give us a call at the shop at 719-424-7264 or reach out to Cedric!



We encourage fair and reasonable trades within our community. Direct sales are not permitted within the Iron Lion facility unless on a designated trade night. Any exchanges of funds not authorized or conducted by the Iron Lion staff must happen outside of the building unless on a designated trade night. 

The Iron Lion will not tolerate unfair trades and taking advantage of inexperienced players or customers for personal gain. 

The Iron Lion is not liable for any unfair trades that happen between individuals. If you are unsure regarding a trade, please ask the staff. However, all advice given is each individual's personal opinion regarding a specific trade and will not be held liable.

 The Iron Lion staff is here as an available resource to help any customer with any questions regarding trades or sales.