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Magic the Gathering has been one of the most popular tabletop card games for two decades, and in that time, there have been over 100 different sets released. Players have over 20,000 cards to choose from when building their 60 card decks, and while this insane number of cards leads to a lot of deck-building variety, keeping up with be difficult and expensive. This has made MTG breaks very popular in the community. Magic the Gathering card breaks are a great way for players to grow their collections and have a chance at getting incredibly rare and powerful cards without breaking the bank. Check out the upcoming MTG breaks at The Iron Lion and purchase your spot today!

What are Magic the Gathering card breaks?

If you’ve been collecting MTG cards for some time or you’ve been playing competitively, you’ve likely heard terms like “break” and “box break” before. But if you’re new to the game or haven’t spent much time around the online side of the hobby before, you may not know what they mean. So, what are Magic the Gathering card breaks? A break is when a person or business opens all the card packs within a box while livestreaming it happening on a platform like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. However, they don’t keep any of the cards. Instead, cards are distributed amongst the people who “bought in” to the break.

MTG breaks are a great way to get the cards you need to complete a deck or a set, expand your collection further, or have a chance at getting very valuable and powerful cards without having to go through booster box after booster box.

MTG breaks for sale at The Iron Lion

Whether you’re a collector or a competitive player, make The Iron Lion your go-to destination for Magic the Gathering card breaks. We have MTG breaks for sale that appeal to every fan of the game. Reserve your spot today!