Submitting your Cards to Sell


Submissions are managed by our Sell your Cards link on our website. We can payout in two different ways Credit or Cash. Credit will be applied to your account and is valid in Store or Online. Cash can be paid out in Store if local. Otherwise Paypal will be used, Paypal will take out fees from final amount. Once submitted you have 2 ways of getting us your cards. All time lines are estimates based off when we receive your cards, if it takes us longer than suggested please reach out to us. Buy list that are in our work log for over 2 weeks that have not been dropped off or mailed in will be declined and deleted. 

In-Store Drop Off

If you are a local you are welcome to drop your cards off in person. When dropping your cards off we ask that they are un-sleeved and out of binders. We recommend calling to schedule an appointment for drop off if you are looking to receive payment at time of drop off. Walk-ins that aren't schedule will be handled by the staff then and there if they have time. The staff does have the right to say they are unable to process the buy then and there, so please be kind to them. Credit or Cash will not be issued until we have been able to verify counts and conditions. It may take up to 3 days to review your cards, if it is taking longer the staff will reach out to you. If you have any questions please reach out to us by E-mail. For scheduling an appointment call 719-424-7264

Shipping Cards

Please ship your cards to 8003 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80920. You are responsible for shipping cost to us. We recommend putting insurance and tracking on your package in the event something happens in transition to us. Once we receive your cards it may take up to 1 week to process your order depending on the number of cards that are submitted. Credit or Cash will not be payed out until we have reviewed the cards. Once you have shipped us your cards we will not ship them back if you decide to cancel the buy; for liability sake and other factors. This being said only submit cards you are absolutely sure you are fine with parting with. If there are any discrepancies in condition we will reach out to you via email and show you the new offer. If you have any questions on submitting by shipping please reach out to us by E-mail.