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Interest in soccer in the US continues to rise, and today it’s more popular than ever. In addition to US soccer in the MLS, many American fans closely follow foreign leagues like the Euro League, Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga alongside FIFA tournaments like the World Cup. Collecting soccer cards is one of the best ways fans in the US can connect with these teams and their favorite players despite being thousands of miles away.

If you’re looking to buy soccer card packs or for a soccer sealed card box for sale, you’re in the right place. We have current and past sealed boxes from top brands like Panini and Topps, and we strive to cater to every kind of collector. Whether you’re just starting your collection or have been collecting cards from The Beautiful Game for years, we’re sure you’ll find something you like. Explore our collection of sealed soccer cards today!

Why buy soccer card packs and boxes

Even in the US, soccer fans are incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated, and passionate. While other sports much more commonly associated with card collecting, the rising popularity of soccer in conjunction with the recent boom in sports card collecting has made many soccer fans interested in buying soccer cards. The Iron Lion is a great place to start or grow your collection.

If a soccer fan wants to buy soccer card packs, they have a lot of options. Many prefer a soccer sealed card box as opposed to buying individual packs because these boxes provide more value. In addition to the number of cards you can get from a box, many boxes also have better odds of having those rare and exclusive cards that are sought after by every collector.

Buy soccer card boxes from The Iron Lion

The Iron Lion is a great place to buy soccer card packs and boxes for every kind of collector. You can browse our selection online today or drop by our store in Colorado Springs to browse in person and chat with other like-minded hobbyists.