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Jumpstart - Booster Pack

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Conspiracy - Booster Pack

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Dominaria - Booster Pack

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217 products

MTG Sealed

Magic The Gathering (MTG) is an enthralling and strategic card game to play with your friends – and a great way to make new ones. The game is popular among all types of people – gameplay enthusiasts, collectors, worldbuilders, narrative lovers, and more – and there are so many ways to play Magic. Whether you want to start a collection of MTG cards or need to add to an existing one, we’re confident that the Iron Lion has what you need!

Everything to Love About Magic The Gathering

  1. Deck Construction: Each player receives six brand-new booster packs. They construct a deck from these packets with a minimum of 40 cards. The cards from the booster packs add to the deck, along with any number of basic lands.
  2. Even Playing Field: All players benefit from a level playing field thanks to the sealed format. It permits competition while still rewarding good fortune and adept deck-building abilities.
  3. Prerelease Events: There is a performance of Sealed decks at prerelease gatherings for new sets. Opening packs, keeping the cards, and testing new cards at these events is a terrific way to do so in a less competitive setting.
  4. Simple Rules: The seal is a valuable format for beginner players because of its straightforward rules. The goal is to assemble the most substantial deck with the cards at your disposal.

Sealed Magic the Gathering

  • Players construct a 40-card deck in the Gathering format using cards from six booster packs.
  • Booster boxes, collector's boosters, prerelease packs, bundles, and other sealed goods are available.
  • In the limited format known as a sealed deck, players have access to six sealed booster packs from which they must assemble a deck of cards.

Magic the Gathering Set Booster

  • Set boosters are booster packs that include cards from a particular set; players intend to offer a more exciting experience.
  • Typically, each Set booster contains 11 real cards.
  • Although fewer cards per pack may affect deck-building, set boosters are applicable for sealed deck play.

Collectors often look to purchase sealed products because they are more complete, maintain their value over time, and give them a better chance at rare and valuable cards as the boxes are sealed.

The Iron Lion is a one-stop shop for Magic The Gathering sealed products, and we occasionally do cards breaks as well! Contact us today for all your collecting needs!