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Baseball Group Breaks

Baseball sports card group breaks at The Iron Lion give you the opportunity to collect sports cards from brands like Topps and Panini without having to pay for an entire hobby box. All kinds of enthusiasts, from serious hobbyists to beginner collectors, buy into baseball sports card group breaks because they’re a much more cost-effective way to get a chance at the autographs, rookie cards, parallels, and other rare cards that everyone is after instead spending the money on a full hobby box or case. Check out the variety of baseball cases and mixers we’ll be breaking soon, and claim your spot today!

How do baseball group breaks work at The Iron Lion?

Baseball sports card breaks are often done a little differently from one place to another. To eliminate any confusion, here’s how we do things:

At the Iron Lion, you can buy baseball card breaks in a few different ways – Pick Your Team (PYT), Random Team, and Random Hit.

  • PYT: Pick your team and you’ll receive all the cards from that specific team. Teams are priced differently depending on the checklist and certain players on that team.
  • Random Team: Similar to PYT, but everyone pays the same price and gets assigned a team randomly.
  • Random Hit: Everyone who buys in gets randomly assigned something from the product at the end of the break. Our team randomizes the list of items from the product and the list of people who bought in, and whatever matches your name is what you get.
  • If you’re participating from out of state, we’ll ship all your cards to you. If you live in or around Colorado Springs, we invite you to come pick your cards up in person!

    Card group breaks appeal to every kind of collector. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection affordably or hit a huge investment card, we invite you to buy into one of our upcoming baseball sports card group breaks! Make The Iron Lion your go-to destination for baseball sports card group breaks.