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5 products

At The Iron Lion, we aim to be Colorado Springs’ go-to authority for all sorts of different collectibles, including Sports Cards! We’ve got everything from hobby boxes that you can’t wait to rip open to Sports Card Breaks to help share the cost to be able to buy into more expensive product. We have a wide selection of sports card boxes from a variety of sports – football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, WWE, UFC, and more – in addition to some based on popular media and entertainment franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.

Whether you’re looking for cards from Topps, Panini, Upper Deck or Leaf, you should find plenty to like. The Iron Lion has something for every kind of card collector. In-store or online, make The Iron Lion your go-to destination for all your collectible card needs.

Hobby Boxes are also guaranteed to include sought-after cards like autographs, giving collectors a better idea of what they can expect. Here at the Iron Lion, you can find current and past hobby boxes for a variety of sports to grow or start your collection.


We take a product/products and divide the contents among a group, hence the name “group breaks”. We make sure everyone gets cards for their money, which sets us apart from most who leave it all to chance whether you get something for your money.

Here are some different formats you’ll see:

1. We have “PYT” breaks (“Pick Your Team”) and every team is a different price based on how good they are or how prevalent they are in a product. A lot of factors go into why teams are priced higher/lower than other teams, but we take our time when building our numbers.

2. A “Random Team Break” is where everyone pays the same amount and you get a random team. Buying two spots will get you two random teams. We ship everything!

3. There are “Random Hit” breaks where everyone who buys in gets something from that product and we randomize the list of names and the list of items in the product and whatever matches your name is what you get.

What separates us from most is that even if your team doesn’t show up, we’re making sure you get cards in your package for every break. Also, if you have an account on our site, you can accrue loyalty points which turns into money off of items on the site, and also every spot purchased is an entry in to win our monthly prizes that we do!

Want a shot at getting one of those rare highly-collectible cards everyone is after without having to pay full price for a large hobby box? Just want to collect all the cards for a specific team? Or, maybe you just want to take part in the excitement of tearing through all the packs in a box with other hobbyists who share your same passion and still get to walk away with a few great cards after it’s all said and done. Regardless, our online sports card breaks are the perfect opportunity for all these things!

Whether you’re looking to take part in football card breaks, basketball card breaks, baseball card breaks, or breaks for a variety of other sports, you can find plenty of different breaks at The Iron Lion. Claim your spot today!

What are Online Sports Card Breaks?

Online sports card breaks have become more and more popular over the past few years, but if you’re just starting out collecting cards or haven’t ventured into the online side of the hobby much, you might not have a good idea of what the term means. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to understand. A break is when a person or business livestreams themselves opening all the packs that come in a box. Certain cards go to the different people who “bought in” and claimed their spot in the break prior to it starting.

So, how is it determined who gets what cards? This depends on the type of break, and there are three types.

  • Random Teams: In random team online sports card breaks, participants are randomly assigned a random team, or teams, and get to keep all the cards for that team.
  • Pick Your Team: In this kind of break, participants choose what teams’ cards they want to receive when they first buy in and claim their spot. There may be a different price point for each team.
  • Hit Breaks: Participants in these breaks all get a limited number of cards, with everyone guaranteed to get at least one.
  • Iron Lion Online Sports Card Breaks

    Whether you’re interested in football card breaks, baseball breaks, basketball breaks, or breaks for any other sport, we always livestream our events on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook at either 9 AM or 9 PM Mountain Time. Feel free to reach out to learn more about our online sports card breaks or reserve your spot!