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Conspiracy - Booster Pack

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Jumpstart - Booster Pack

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Dominaria - Booster Pack

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68 products

MTG Booster Packs

If you’re a Magic: The Gathering collector or a player, check out The Iron Lion’s huge collection of booster packs. We offer you a multitude of draft, complete edition, and other types of MTG booster packs to choose from and grow your collection.

Nowadays, we have so many Magic: The Gathering boosters that it can get overwhelming for beginners. Whether you’re a beginner or returning after years and getting overwhelmed with many options, we’ll help you get back to speed and start your Magic: The Gathering journey.

Boosters are essential for the game, and in The Iron Lion’s, you’ll get all the various types of boosters in packs. You can collect your favorite cards from the booster packs. Our MTG booster boxes are undoubtedly outstanding for players looking to find strong cards and expand their collections.

Types Of MTG Booster Packs Are There?

Various booster packs are available, like draft booster, set booster, and collector booster packs, with special features. Each pack attracts a different type of player. Here are a few types of MTG booster packs:

Draft Boosters

  • Draft boosters are your regular booster packs. Your main way of getting cards. They have 15 cards, including 1 rare, 3 uncommon, 10 commons, and a token card.
  • These kinds of boosters are the most inexpensive. And with the fairly balanced card selection, it’s great for playing casually with friends. But if you’re into collecting, then this might not be the best booster pack for you.
  • Collectors Boosters

  • Collector boosters are the most expensive packs because they have the most exciting cards, making them a favorite among many passionate MTG collectors. You get a higher chance of getting premium cards here. They’re your best bets for finding the prettiest version of the most desired cards.
  • Each pack consists of 15 cards comprising 4 rares or myths, while the rest are common cards. All the cards either have alternate art or are foiled.
  • Complete Edition Boosters

  • These booster packs are exclusive to Phyrexia: All Will Be One bundle. They come with 2 myths from the set and 2 of each basic land. The pack has 12 cards, and they all come foiled.
  • These only come with the Phyrexia: All Will Be One: Complete Edition bundle. The bundle has complete edition boosters and 12 All Will Be One set boosters.
  • MTG has an incredibly big community with collectors and players. If you’re part of this community and are looking for Magic: The Gathering Packs for sale, make The Iron Lion the go-to destination to get what you need!