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18 products

With so many young stars in the NHL and the league’s focus on making the action on the ice more engaging, hockey has been exploding in popularity. Interest in collecting hockey cards is growing along with the sport, making now the perfect time to start a collection or grow an existing one!

With our large selection of current and past sealed hockey trading cards from Upper Deck, The Iron Lion is one of the best places to buy hockey cards online. Whether you’re looking to display your team spirit, catch up on sets you missed from past years, or simply expand your collection, you can find what you’re looking for right here. Explore our selection of sealed hockey cards today!

Why buy hockey trading cards

While other sports are traditionally more associated with trading and collecting cards, the rising popularity of hockey and the stardom of NHL players have made the hobby more popular for hockey too. NHL teams have loyal, passionate fans just like all the other major sports, and many are now turning to card collecting to further express their fandom. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started collecting hockey trading cards or have been doing so for a while, we’ve got sealed card boxes for every collector.

Sealed hockey trading cards like hobby boxes are a great way to start out a collection because they include a lot of cards, sometimes even full sets. They’re also popular among hobbyists that have been collecting for years because they are often guaranteed to include highly coveted card types like rookie cards, relics, and autographs. These hobby boxes can help jumpstart a new collection and have the potential to take existing collections to the next level.

Buy hockey cards online at The Iron Lion

We try and cater to every kind of collector with our selection of sealed hockey cards, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like. The Iron Lion is a great place to buy hockey cards online, but you can also buy hockey trading cards from our store in Colorado Springs if you’re in the area. Shop online or give us a visit today!