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TCG breaks are a great way for collectors of all kinds of different trading card games to expand their collection and have a chance at getting super rare and/or incredibly powerful cards without having to rip through pack after pack. At The Iron Lion, we regularly have Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG breaks that you can buy a spot in. In addition to having a chance to add some of the most highly coveted cards to your collection without having to pay full price for a box, trading card breaks are also a great way to make friends and find a community full of similar collectors. Check out our upcoming TCG breaks and claim your spot today!

What are TCG breaks?

If you’re an avid trading card collector, you’ve probably heard the term “break” or “box break” before. However, if you’re just starting your collection or don’t buy cards online very often, you might not know what the term refers to or what to expect from a break. A TCG break is when a person or business opens all the packs in a box and livestreams it happening on a platform like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. They don’t keep any of the cards though. Instead, certain cards belong to different people who have “bought in” to the break before it happened.

Initially popular among sports trading card collectors, breaks have now become popular among fans of many different trading card games as well. Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG breaks have proved to be some of the most popular among the wide variety of collectible card games out there.

Iron Lion MTG and Pokemon TCG Breaks

At the Iron Lion, we have TCG breaks that appeal to every kind of collector. Whether you’re simply looking to add to your deck, want a chance at getting rare and ultra-powerful cards without having to buy a whole box, or want to take part in the excitement of a break for any other reason, make us your go-to destination for all TCG breaks.