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342 products

At The Iron Lion, we aim to be Colorado Springs’ go-to authority for all sorts of different collectibles, including sports trading cards! We’ve got everything from giant hobby boxes that you can’t wait to rip open and see what you get to rare singles that can be a prized part of any collection. We have a wide selection of cards from a variety of sports – football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, and more – in addition to some based on popular media and entertainment franchises like Star Wars. Whether you’re looking for cards from Topps, Panini, or Leaf, you should find plenty to like. The Iron Lion has something for every kind of card collector. In-store or online, make The Iron Lion your go-to destination for all your collectible card interests.

Sealed Hobby boxes and sets

Purchasing hobby boxes and sets make it easier for collectors to get their hands on rare and highly- coveted cards and quickly grow the size of their collection when compared to purchasing individual packs. Oftentimes, collectors will have to go to multiple stores to get the same number of packs that they’d get in a single box. Many sets and hobby boxes are also guaranteed to include sought-after cards like autographs, giving collectors a better idea of what they can expect, rather than going through pack after pack looking for something special. Here at the Iron Lion, you can find current and past hobby boxes for a variety of sports to grow or start your collection.

Individual Sports Cards For Sale

Hobby boxes and sets are just a more convenient option, but they might not make the most sense for the card collector that already has most of a set but is just missing a few cards. In this case, buying the individual cards they need make a lot more sense than tearing through pack after pack and piling up duplicates in the hope they find what they need. If you’re just a few cards away from completing a set, come check out the individual sports cards we have for sale at our store!

Collecting sports cards and other kinds of trading cards is a hobby that hobbyists of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re just getting into it or have been collecting for years, make Iron Lion your go-to destination!